keep my man's name out ya mouth


can you imagine how fucking relieved the french must have been when we reached the year 2000? 

they went from having to say “mille neuf cents quatre-vingt-dix-neuf” to just having to say “deux mille” to say the year

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"i;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; di d NTO ha ve sexual relations wit h that woamn……………. i s w ea r to og d…… i cna’t sto p cryign;;;;;;; i ‘fm fre kagin otu;;;; ; i ne ver mean t to cause an ytrouble; jsu t sto p sendnig me a no n hate……………. p l e ase ogm"
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Tom Hanks enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.


Tom Hanks enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.

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gilmore girls rewatch → 2x03 (2/2)

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"Would you just stand still?"

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[2/5] Gilmore Girls Characters: Luke Danes

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make me choose 

anonymous asked » rory&lorelai or francis&catherine

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